Inspiration from my garden

Our first blog.  Very exciting. 

I have been inspired recently by decorative garden elements. There’s a growing trend in the event industry over the past few years toward non-floral decor as centerpieces.  As I was researching and considering what to plant in my own garden, I started to look at hardscape elements with a new eye. 

Aside from outdoor lanterns which are now mainstream, Bird baths, decorative garden finials, aged stone planters, watering cans and statues all lend themselves naturally as decorative elements at a wedding, either freestanding or combined with greens and florals. has this beautiful moss covered cherub birdbath for $14o.


More whimsical brides might consider bird houses ( has a rustic, inexpensive selection), bird cages, gargoyles , pagoda statues or even head planters (see below for a few examples).






I’m also in love with strawberry planters and ceramic tuliperies at the moment. Their multiple pockets just seem to invite lush, hanging foligage or can be used with a full grown strawberry plant at the right time of year.  There are so many options, from the traditional terra cotta variety shown here to more contemporary options.



There is an endless variety of garden themed centerpiece options.  I look forward to sharing more inspirations and ideas in future blog installments and I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my own garden from time to time.  Look forward to hearing from you.


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