Unexpected flowers as a trend

I visited Old Westbury Gardens today and was reminded of the incredible variety of flowers beyond the flower market.  Make a statement with unexpected and off the beaten path options for your centerpieces. 

Cap Lace Hydrangea makes a great alternative to traditional hydrangea.

MAy 20 2009 011

MAy 20 2009 010

Iris comes in wonderous varieties.  I love this dusty coral color.

MAy 20 2009 021

and this variagated petal below…

MAy 20 2009 025

Look at how only a few purple iris in a sea of green make a huge impact. I also thought the idea of this 4″ wide grass border down either side of an aisle was very effective.

MAy 20 2009 024

These tree peonies are far from ordinary…

MAy 20 2009 023

MAy 20 2009 026

I am inspired by the simplicity of this photo below – clumps of purple heather combined with green climbing  vine, sand colored rocks and splashes of yellow daylilly buds.  I could see this concept working beautifully on long banquet tables.

MAy 20 2009 022

And of course, these playful purple allium heads can stand alone in single bud vases or grouped together for effect. Just remember that they’re a member of the onion family so too many may give off an unpleasant odor at the dinner tables.

MAy 20 2009 016

MAy 20 2009 012

A forgotten gem in the folliage world, weeping beech is by far my favorite tree for setting a romantic stage.  I am designing a Chuppah using only weeping beech.

MAy 20 2009 004

MAy 20 2009 005

I think ferns will also make a comeback to the centerpiece scene…I love how soft and full they appear.   And because ferns come in such an assortment, I think they will be the new trend, enhancing and updating the succulent story for alternative arrangements.

MAy 20 2009 007

Here’s a bouquet accented with Ferns which Matthew Robbins of Artfool did for one of our weddings last November.



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