Best Online Photo Album Services

These days, with most event photographers shooting digitally and offering high res images on discs, quite a few of my clients have asked about online album services.  There are two regular problems that crop up in these scenarios:

1. The usual suspects in the DIY online album category (Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, IPhoto, My Publisher, Blurb, etc.) all offer the same lower end product, more or less. 

and the real clincher…

2. Editing, uploading and organizing over 1,000 photos into some semblance of order is harder than it seems. That’s why photographers charge so much money for their albums – it takes time to facilitate the process.

Building an album online may sound like a fun project and a way to save money, but be warned; editing and laying out a photo album is a labor of love.  Many of my clients who start the process never finish.  Finally, I can offer hope and help.  Two album services, both very different in product and price, offer design and edit help.

The first, offers high-end custom photo books starting at $1700.  If you’ve got the money, they’re  a great option.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more cost-effective in this crazy economy, check out , the brain child of Elizabeth Beskin (she’s such a smart cookie). 

Coffee table albums start at $300 and leather-bound, flush mount albums starting at $600. 

Unlike the other DIY options, Album Boutique has designers that will arrange your photos in a suggested layout which you can edit and critique until you get it just right.  They also offer lower priced companion books for up to a year after ordering the original, so parent albums are easily taken care of.  And a very cool flip book technology feature allows you to share your album through email or a social media site like Facebook.  Cool.



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