Kid Food Grows Up

If you’ve been to any catered parties recently, you can’t help but notice that Kiddie Comfort Food has gone Couture. It started after 9/11. Everyone wanted comfort food to make them feel better; there were lines around the block at Magnolia’s Cupcake Bakery.

10 years later, each caterer is finding their own way to reinvent it. We love it. Our clients love it. Party guests love it. And why not? It’s fun to see the latest recreation of comfort foods pulled from the cupboard of our childhood memories. What once brought a smile still does, even though the presentation might be a bit different from the way mom served it.

In fact, this trend is so popular, that Peter Callahan of Callahan Catering recently released a book on the subject, entitled “Bite by Bite, 100 stylish little plates you can make for any party“. The cover features a bite size version of classic spaghetti and meatballs. Callahan’s new book cover, featuring bite size
meatball and spaghetti


Another favorite app from Peter below: Mini Coke Bottle with Fried Chicken. Hat’s off to you, Peter! Using the iconic vintage Coke bottle in mini form is pure genius. Another one of our favorite caterers, Creative Edge Parties, has taken Couture Comfort Bites to an inspired level; a mac and cheese lolli. Total crowd pleaser. It’s a long, long way from Kraft Macaroni & Cheese! Edge’s Mac & Cheese Lolli

Owner, Carla Ruben, had this to say:

Our macaroni and cheese lollipops are perfect for featuring playful, whimsical food at parties in a way that both
children and adults love. For our events that have a guest list of all ages – we know menu items like truffled tater tots (served in paper cones), birthday cake
truffles and mac ‘n cheese pops will bring out the kid in all of us.”

Other examples of dressing a classic is the well-known mini burger, but what we love about CEP’s burger is the ‘touch of class’ sprouts. their savory bite size prosciutto BLT’s are always a hit., then there are desserts.

Thomas Preti’s Smore’s are cooler than cool and bring back Girl Scout memories. Homemade Graham Crackers are picked up by clothes pins, dipped in chocolate with a homemade marshmallow that is melted over it all before your very eyes. Yes, that’s a wooden drain board that holds them up for you to choose the perfectly toasted one. last but certainly not least, the fabulous Olivier Cheng, whose impeccable food and service have secured him a devoted following of foodies.  The simplicity of these classic mini donuts make them a real crowd pleaser.


Below, Olivier’s Toblerone Lollipops

and these pushpops are incredibly versatile, going from kid friendly chocolate mousse cake…

to adult only Mojito pushpops…..

There are so many more, but we wanted to give you a ‘taste’ of some of our favorite and fabulous catering comrades. Well done!



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