Attainable Sustainable Weddings

Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure. I think there’s something so romantic about that idea. But it’s much more than just an idea; the larger mega-trend of being environmentally aware and organically inclined has impacted every industry, and weddings are no exception.  In fact, Sustainability is stylish and something to aspire to, and brides (and vendors) are responding accordingly.

Each Earth Day, I share “green” trends and ideas to inspire more environmentally conscious celebrations.  Last year, I wrote Sustainable Celebrations and in 2010, Earth Friendly Celebrations.  This year, Attainable Sustainable Weddings  proves that planning a sustainable celebration doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

First Impressions – if you love letterpress as much as we do, you will flip over .  Not only do they have a great sense of style, but they print sustainably, using only vegetable oil based inks and tree-free papers, and they are also entirely wind powered. (you can read more when you visit their website).  Bonus – they are very well priced, their quality is remarkable, and everything can be customized.

Save a Tree – Thinking about ways to cut back on paper? Instead of individual escort cards, use a seating chart. Seating chart shown below by Revived Vintage on Etsy.  For those forgetful guests, have two waiters standing at the reception entrance with a copy of your table assignments (in alphabetical order, please!)

wedding seat chart

Share – Another way to cut back on paper is to have one or two menus for the entire table, rather than one for each guest.  In addition to saving paper, and saving on your budget, it doubles as an ice breaker, giving your guests something to talk about.

Email and Online RSVP –   Yes, in case you were wondering, using an online RSVP service, email RSVP or Phone RSVP is actually now considered acceptable as long as you offer an alternative traditional method for those guests who may not be as comfortable with technology. Companies like Wedding.Paper.Divas and  WedSite offer stylish, user-friendly, customizable wedding websites with built-in RSVP services along with a host of other features.

Double Duty – hold the wedding ceremony and reception in the same venue.  Not only is it convenient for your guests, but it also cuts the amount of driving (aka – carbon emissions).

Organically Grown Flowers – The word ‘organic’ is thrown around quite a bit, but Ariella Chezar, can grow her own flowers for your wedding using sustainable methods, or source them from a local grower who uses the same techniques.  Her work is romantic and effortless, and she’s known for rarely using flora foam because it is not easily biodegradable.


Unplug – hire an Acapella group.  Ceris Quartet performs Wagner Bridal Chorus and Mendelssohn Wedding March using only their voices. Such a playful and unexpected way to walk down the aisle.

For more eco-friendly ideas, read  Sustainable Celebrations and Earth Friendly Celebrations.  Happy Earth Day, and happy planning!


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