Wave Hill, new and improved

I had the great pleasure of a site inspection at Wave Hill on Friday to see the results of their 2 year renovation. For those of you unfamiliar with this hidden jem, it is tucked away in the Hudson Hills section of Riverdale (yes, in the Bronx) past beautiful manor homes and winding roads which remind me of parts of Surrey, in England. The Gardens are absolutely transporting.  Below, a few images taken with my cel phone…

IMG-20130712-01188IMG-20130712-01187IMG-20130712-01185IMG-20130712-01183The Pergola with views of the Hudson River and Pallisades is the perfect backdrop for ceremonies.

IMG-20130712-01182A permanent tent on the back terrace of Wave Hill House serves as an adequate rain plan.

The ballroom where wedding receptions are held is called Armor Hall, so named because Bashford Dean, who leased Wave Hill House from the Perkins family in 1909, built it to house his collection of Medieval European Armor, (most of which were donated and are on permanent display at the Arms and Armor Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art).  The stone floor, arched windows and wooden ceiling combine to create an intimate and unique space for 150 seated guests (with a dance floor).  The new lighting system is unobtrusive, highlighting the original wood ceiling as well as downlight along the perimeter and center. There are whispers of restoring and installing the original chandeliers later this year (but no promises yet). There’s also an original carved fireplace, and overall, the room is lovely. My only disappointment was the design of the drapes, which will most certainly disappear once the room is bathed in candlelight and dressed for dinner.

IMG-20130712-01178IMG-20130712-01180IMG-20130712-01179The onsite event team from both Wave Hill and Great Performances (the exclusive in-house caterer) were gracious, accommodating and knowledgeable. And my previous experiences with Great Performances (as the exclusive in house caterer at both The Plaza and Jazz at Lincoln Centre) have been spectacular, both with food and service.

Looking forward to Michelle and Forbes wedding in September with great anticipation, and highly recommend a trip to Wave Hill.  Check out their Sunset Wednesdays, which include yoga, bat walks and live music.

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