Inspirations on a drive to Florida

I love road trips.  Really, I do. Probably because I love planning them; deciding the best route, researching local hotels, finding interesting restaurants and off the beaten path attractions.  And I especially love stumbling upon things along the way; passing by something that wasn’t even on my radar and saying “oooohhh!  We’ve got to stop there!”  I also love getting lost, as I have found that it often leads to the road less traveled, where only locals dare to tread.  Lucky for me, my husband and daughter indulge me.  The dog has no choice.  Below, some photos and musings from my recent trip to Florida, making stops along the way….

By the time we reached South Carolina, we were pretty hungry. I downloaded the SC BBQ Trail Map, and we charted a course to Dukes. $10 per person cafeteria style.  All you can eat.  And we did.  Best fried chicken ever.


IMG_0696CarolinaBBQ0175A few hours later, our next stop, Savannah riverfront.


Stumbled into the most amazing candy store called Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, complete with a taffy conveyor belt and toy train that runs along tracks around the ceiling.IMG_0704IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0714

Found these cool customizable lanterns being sold by a street vendor, called Happy Pappy’s Glowing Balls.  They’re so playful and I love the colors.  Great for a casual backyard rehearsal dinner.


In the morning, we hit the road again, and stumbled upon Kellers Flea Market. Heaven for me.  Rob n Molly waited in the car.IMG_0733



Arrived at mom’s in time for a late afternoon dip in the pool and hunting for salamanders.

IMG_0745 IMG_0752 IMG_0756

A few well rested days later, we were back on the road, heading to St.Augustine.  On the way, we stopped at Jupiter Dog Beach.  It was so wonderful watching Riley on a beach, off-leash, chasing pelicans and splashing in the waves. Which reminds me, if you travel with your dog, check out Bring Fido and download their app.

IMG_0781In St.Augustine, we found the dog-friendly Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grill.   Nice staff, casual Cajun food, and magical ambiance.


The next day, our friends took us out on their boat to experience their favorite backwater BBQ,


One of my favorite things about the deep south are the Live Oaks with Spanish Moss dripping off them. So romantic.

IMG_0834I guess what I love most about road trips is that it forces me to slow down and look around.  But most of all, it’s an adventure, shared with souls I love.

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