For the Love of Gloves

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about over Amal Clooney’s gloves at the Golden Globes. Queen Elizabeth I was the first person to make long gloves fashionable and a status symbol in the 16th Century. Today, they are still a symbol of formality, femininity and fashion, not to mention affluence.  Opera gloves are also a stylish and clever way to disguise overly thin arms, which might have been another reason for the accessory in this case.  Another historical fact, my fashionista friends, is that long gloves were an important accessory in Dior’s “New Look” designs, and Mrs.Clooney just happens to be wearing Dior.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.Gloves - Amal

Maybe all the negativity is some type of right of passage and induction into Hollywood akin to sorority hazing. The good news is that Amal Clooney not only seems above it all but has earned the right to be above it all, not because she married George Clooney, Hollywood’s most confirmed and eligible bachelor, but because she is smart, stylish, beautiful, successful and accomplished in ways most people only dream about.  She’s exudes confidence and class which is why I think her choice of white opera gloves is not just appropriate, but brilliant.

Below, some examples of stylish, iconic women who have worn opera gloves with praise, rather than the ugly criticism that Mrs.Clooney has been subjected to.Gloves Jacqueline_Kennedy_after_State_Dinner,_22_May_1962 Gloves - obama Gloves - kennedy gloves - pretty woman gloves - rita hayworth Gloves - downton abbey gloves - marylin Gloves - sarah Gloves - audrey

Shame on you Hollywood.  She’s too good for you.  And opera gloves are here to stay.

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