Top 3 Experiential Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples

Just in time for Christmas, a list of fun and incredibly helpful experiential gifts for newly engaged couples. Falling in love is the easy part.  As you navigate planning your wedding, there are certain skills that are going to come in very handy.  Below, the Top Three Skills you’re going to need for the rest of your life and my favorite sources to achieve them.



Not just for your first dance at your own wedding, but for the rest of your life, there will be many occasions when this will come in handy. There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to take his partner for a spin on the dance floor.  So get over any insecurities and get your big bad self on the dance floor.

Zach’s Dance Studio  loosens up couples by plying them with yummy cocktails and wine.  Not a bad idea, actually.  $415 for a 5 lesson package, or $750 for a 10 lesson package.

Sidney Grant is a like the fairy godfather of dance.  Seriously, I have seen him take couples from dancing zeros to dancing heros in five lessons.  He has a separate website for wedding couples.  $475 for five lessons, $900 for ten.


image (49)

You can’t eat out or order in every single night…..well, okay, you can if you live in New York, but that doesn’t mean you should. The couple that cooks together, eats together.  The couple that eats together, stays together. Cooking classes are fun.  Cooking together is sexy. And eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life, often leading to another great pleasure.  You get the idea.

For Beginners – The Institute of Culinary Education (on 23rd Street) has a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced, and have a “Couples Cooking” Series, which offers classes like Burgers and Beer, Sushi and Saki Bar, Pizza and Wine, Bourbon Steakhouse, and more….

For Wine Lovers – The International Culinary Center (in Soho) has a Six Session Food and Wine Pairing Class.  Champagne and popcorn, anyone?




A healthy, fulfilling relationship takes work. And even the best of relationships can be strained now and then. intimacy, trust and communication are life skills that take practice, and sometimes a little intervention to get back on track.

Deborah Roth is one of my all time favorite wedding officiants.  She’s non-denominational, wickedly smart and incredibly spiritual.  She also has a master’s degree in Psychology and is a certified relationship coach. Deb offers Relationship Coaching for couples.  Deepen your intimacy, trust, love and connection by learning how to listen and speak to one another.  Prices upon request.


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